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Naara believes in community empowerment

Naara Eco Lodge in Chidenguele is a responsible business committed to community empowerment. 

Naara has been founded by individuals professionally involved in development, poverty alleviation and emergency aid in South Africa and Mozambique for more than a decade. Thus, community upliftment is a priority for us and we are actively involved in supporting and developing the local community. 

Besides providing direct employment to over 15 families, we have also supported the economic empowerment of the community through the support of local responsible fisherman with the provision of fishing equipment and the purchase of seafood. In addition, we have trained and employed local people as tour guides. As of October 2011, we have been involved in the establishment of a community trading store, aiming at making food and basic necessities more accessible to the community and visitors.
Naara believes in community empowerment

Naara gives more jobs and opportunities to the community 
Previously, families from our communities had to walk as long as 1 hour on sandy roads under the sun to get clean drinking water. Now, the community has easy access to a 45 meters deep borehole linked to a storage system pumped by an electric pump that we built especially for them on the school grounds. In order to ensure long-term sustainability, we have also supported the organization of a water committee that oversees the management of the borehole. 
Together with other business in this region, we have supported the construction of our first primary school through technical and material inputs. Children that have now to walk over 15 kilometers a day will soon be able to study within their community. 
Naara Eco-Lodge & Spa has supported the organization of a children club called "Mundo Feliz" (Happy World). Naara founders are currently supporting the organization of a group to meet with children and youths every second Sunday to play, sing and learn. Through generous support from our friends, we were able to collect second hand toys and games that make our children’s Sundays much more fun. 
Naara constructs and installs a deep water well and pumping system
The first (and only) primary school in Inhandime is almost finished!
Children & Youth Club "Mundo Feliz" is launched by Naara
Chidenguele, October 2011
Chidenguele, 2010 to 2011
Chidenguele, August 2011
Chidenguele, August 2011
From a helping hand to a working hand

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